Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

We do Bespoke clothing and made to measure personalized clothing.

A). Bespoke involves handmade suit that is constructed with floating canvas & choice of
interlining. It involves few technical detailing which are not there in made to measure & trial of attire is
done in semi stitched & then in finished. Takes more time then made to measure.

B). Made to measure Suit is constructed with pasting/lamination thru one of a high standard German technology machine that works on controlled pneumatic pressure to provide even force on cloth while maintaining texture. Trial is done in finish form. It is not that technical garment as Bespoke. It Can be constructed for customer sending self measurement.

In both above cases our customers asks for personalized clothing with initials embroidered on garment or mentioning crafted for “customer name” & different color of kach (Button hole) & Button choice

Can I bring my own fabric for tailoring?

We don’t restrict our customers but offer huge (largest possible) fabric collection consisting of
best national & international brands. Our designer does suggestive selling that best suits to customer’s

Do you do alterations and repairs?

We do alterations & repairs for clothes made by us. Alterations can be chargeable, so please get
an estimate at the time of handing the clothes over. Alterations are best done in off-season, which is
usually April to August, since at other times of the year lead times can be very high.

I am not visiting India for some time, Can I send my measurements and place an order?

We can guide on how to take measurements with the help of our tutorial & by forwarding your photos to understand your posture but for the fabric purchase from us you are recommended to ask your family or friend to visit our store to feel and visualize the actual fabric.

Can I take my own measurement?

Comply to above answer

Can you ship my order?

We ship globally and use various appropriate couriers having best network around the
destination location.

What are the safety measures one can take for their tailored garments?

For information on garment care, CLICK HERE

    1. Always hang your suit properly on a hanger like the one provided by us. Keep it covered in a breathable garment bag for protection from dust and moth bite.
    2. Brush your suit occasionally to remove dirt and lint from the fabric. Make sure you do not brush it too hard which could damage the fibres. A natural hair bristle brush could be procured for the same. Cashmere, Vicuna and very delicate wools should not be brushed and should be cleaned with lint remover (glue type) rollers.
    3. Spills and stains should get cleaned by dry cleaner only as soon as possible. Stains and spills should not be rubbed.
    4. Avoid placing many items in your pockets as this will put strain on the seams. Carry a light wallet.
    5. Always unbutton your suit jacket before you sit down to avoid stress on the garment.
    6. Use only the best professional dry cleaners for cleaning your suit. While excessive dry cleaning

reduces the life of your suit, it is important to have your suit drycleaned in case you are storing it
away for a season to prevent moth attacks on invisible food/ drink stains.